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A Chinese Restaurant in London - Welcome to Aroma Buffet

Stepping into Aroma Buffet, you'll be immediately enveloped by the warm embrace of authentic Chinese cuisine in the heart of London. Our restaurant is a testament to the rich culinary heritage of China, offering an extensive buffet selection that promises not just a meal, but an exploration of diverse flavors and traditions. We are committed to providing an exceptional dining experience, serving both the familiar favorites and the lesser-known regional specialties. 

chinese restaurant in london

It is our pleasure to invite you to partake in this journey of taste, where every dish is a reflection of our dedication to culinary excellence and our passion for sharing the true essence of Chinese gastronomy with you.

Discover the Delights of Dining at Aroma Buffet: Chinese Restaurant in London

At Aroma Buffet, we pride ourselves on being the quintessence of Chinese dining in London. As you join us, the myriad of thoughtfully selected dishes arranged on our buffet beckons you into a world where every flavor is steeped in history and tradition. Our commitment is unwavering as we endeavor to present you with a range of dishes that not only satisfy your palate but also provide a window into China's diverse culinary landscape. We understand that an outstanding dining experience hinges not just on the quality of food but also on the atmosphere and service.

Hence, we ensure that the environment matches the high standard of our cuisine, and our staff are always on hand to assist you. Allow us to guide you through an authentic gastronomic journey, where each visit becomes a cherished memory, imprinting the true spirit of Chinese hospitality onto your dining experience. Join us at Aroma Buffet and witness firsthand our genuine dedication to showcasing the best of China's gastronomic offerings.

Aroma Buffet's Starter Selections: Your Gateway to Chinese Flavours

Our Aroma Buffet's Starter Selections present an authentic taste of Chinese culture through a carefully curated assortment of appetizers. We take pride in our diverse range of offerings, from the delightful crunch of Sesame Prawn Toast to the inviting warmth of our curry Samosas. Our chefs are dedicated to perfecting each dish, ensuring that staples like Calamari Rings and Onion Rings are prepared to a high standard that honors their traditional origins.

We haven't overlooked vegetarian options either; our Vegetable Spring Rolls are a testament to our commitment to variety and inclusivity. Our Crispy Seaweed, Chips, and Potato Wedges serve as the perfect complement to any of our starters, while our Vietnamese and Thai Prawn Crackers add a cultural flourish to the palette of textures and tastes awaiting our guests. At Aroma Buffet, every item is more than a mere precursor to a meal; it is a celebration of the rich tableau of Chinese flavors, welcoming you to an unparalleled dining experience.

Savoring Aroma: The Rich Soups and Seafood Dishes at London's Premier Chinese Buffet

Embarking on the culinary journey at Aroma Buffet, our rich soups serve as a heartwarming prelude to the marine bounty that follows. We present our Chicken Sweet Corn Soup, a classic beloved for its comforting simplicity and garnished with a hint of elegance. As for the seafood, our selection is unparalleled in its freshness and quality.

chinese restaurant in london

We provide an exquisite range of options including tender Mussels, succulent Squid, delicate prawns, and versatile Crab Sticks, each prepared to highlight their natural flavors. Our commitment to culinary distinction ensures these dishes are a celebration of the sea's vast offerings, inviting our guests to savor the essence of Chinese waters.

Aroma Buffet's Robust Main Courses: From Lamb Curry to Cantonese Roast Duck

Continuing our culinary voyage at Aroma Buffet Chinese restaurant in London, our robust main courses stand as the pillars of our vast Chinese banquet. Lamb Curry unfolds exotic spices mingled with tender meat, reminiscent of the Silk Road’s influence on Chinese cuisine. The Chicken section is a diverse palette: from the savory depths of Chicken in Oyster Sauce to the creamy richness of Chicken Curry. Light and zesty Lemon Chicken provides a tangy contrast, while Sweet & Sour Chicken offers a classic balance of flavors. Fans of grilled flavors will relish the Chicken Satay and savor the simplicity of our perfectly seasoned Chicken Wings. Each Barbecue Chicken bite calls to mind the open-air markets of Beijing, and our Chicken Dumplings are handcrafted morsels of comfort.

Our Beef selection delves into the savory world of black beans with Beef in Black Bean Sauce, explores aromatic realms with Beef with Ginger & Spring Onion, and merges earthy undertones in Beef with Mushroom in Oyster Sauce. Our Duck choices feature the crowd-favorite Aromatic Crispy Duck, a dish designed to crunch delightfully with each bite; the refined Cantonese Roast Duck; and Orange Duck which marries citrusy notes with the richness of duck meat.

Vegetable enthusiasts will appreciate our enthralling array of offerings; from Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables that shine with freshness to our comforting Cauliflower in Garlic Sauce. The Beancurd selections are a celebration of tofu’s versatility, dressed in delicious sauces, whether in the classic Black Bean Sauce or alongside vegetables.

Heightening the interactive theater of dining, Aroma Buffet's Teppanyaki station allows the sizzle of the grill to hypnotize as prawns, fish fillet, chicken, squid, shrimps, and beef sirloin transform under the chef's skilled hands. Our Rice & Noodles are staples elevated to an art form, with Egg Fried Rice, flavorful Seafood Fried Rice, delicate Steam Rice, and various noodles presenting a perfect foundation to any meal, from the Noodles With Beansprouts to the spicy kick of Singapore Vermicelli or the wide and satisfying strands of Fried Ho Fun. A visit to Aroma Buffet is an invitation to indulge in a realm where each dish is a chapter of China's rich culinary narrative.

Complement Your Meal: Aroma Buffet's Range of Beers, Wines, and Traditional Drinks

At Aroma Buffet, we appreciate the art of pairing a meal with the perfect beverage. Our comprehensive Drink Menu is meticulously crafted to complement the rich tapestry of flavors our cuisine offers. Within the Wines section, aficionados will find a selection suited for any dish, be it a crisp and refreshing Pinot Grigio from Italy, or the robust tones of a Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon.

chinese restaurant in london

Beer enthusiasts can relish in our handpicked variety of local and international Beers, while spirits—from the understated elegance of single malt to the warm embrace of a well-aged cognac—await those who favor a stronger note. Our Hot and Soft Drinks provide non-alcoholic options that cater to all tastes, and for a celebratory touch, our Champagne & Sparkling Wine collection adds a sophisticated effervescence to the dining experience. True connoisseurs might delight in our Cocktails, each mixed to invigorate the senses. Let us be your guide to the ideal complement to your meal, securing an experience at Aroma Buffet that is nothing short of extraordinary.

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