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These are the terms and conditions which will govern the for Aroma Buffet W12.
By using the System you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions of use (the “User Terms”).

Our Menu
The menu shown is for illustration purposes only, not all dishes are available at our restaurants. The menu differs from lunch to dinner, and due to seasonal choices, our menu gets rotated from time to time. If there are any particular dishes you would like to inquire about, please contact your local restaurant directly before your visit.

Your Reservation
When you make an on-line booking with Aroma Buffet W12 you are entering into a direct contract with us.

Are large groups required to pay a deposit in advance?
Group bookings (20 or more people) for dinner or special events or promotions also require a deposit of £5 per person to secure a table which must be paid direct to the restaurant before a booking is accepted

Are on-line or telephone reservations limited?
Aroma Buffet W12 accepts a limited number of reservations because we welcome walk-ins at any time.

Can customers visit our restaurants without making a reservation?
We can be extremely busy, especially at weekends and during bank holidays, but we will do our best to accommodate our customers on a first come, first served basis.

Can I make a same-day on-line reservation?
No, unfortunately we cannot accept on-line bookings requested less than 24 hours before the reservation time.

How long is my table reserved for?
Your booking confirmation will secure your table reservation for up to 15 minutes from the reservation time. Thereafter, your reservation will be treated as null and void. We will, however, use our best endeavours to provide you with an alternative table as soon as we can. If some of your guests are running more than 15 minutes late, then please inform the receptionist immediately so that alternative arrangements can be made to accommodate you as soon as your guests arrive.

How long is my table available for?
Your booking ensures that a table will be available to you for a maximum of 1hour 30minute during our busy times.

Can I bring my own food or drinks to the restaurant?
No food or beverages except those supplied by Aroma Buffet W12 restaurant may be consumed within the premises. If you are having a party at Aroma Buffet W12 and would like to bring your own cake please inform the receptionist at the time of booking so that the manager can be informed. Unfortunately we cannot allow silly string, party poppers or any type of confetti in the restaurant

Can some of my guests drink only?
No, all guests must order food. We cannot cater for drinks only because we do not have a separate bar area for non-paying guests to sit whilst other guests are eating.

Can I take left over or uneaten food home with me?
We do not allow customers to take away any uneaten food. We ask our customers to be considerate to the environment when making their choices. Our food looks and tastes delicious so we ask our customers to take small amounts in order to sample a number of dishes and to keep coming back for more. Our chefs are pleased to keep cooking more of your favourite dishes from fresh. All you have to do is ask. That way we can minimise waste for the environment. We support the ‘Love Food, Hate Waste’ campaign.

Customer Code of Conduct
Aroma Buffet W12 aims to be a safe, relaxed and friendly environment for all our customers. Aroma Buffet W12 consistently aims to maintain high standards. In the interests of the enjoyment and wellbeing of our customers and staff, Aroma Buffet W12 does not permit the following:
Any intimidation of our customers by other groups or individuals.

Unsociable behaviour that is detrimental to the Aroma Buffet W12 environment.

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