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Best Chinese Buffet in London - Aroma Buffet

Embark on a culinary journey of the best Chinese Buffet through the heart of London with Aroma Buffet, where our abundant selection waits to satiate your craving for authentic Chinese cuisine and beyond. As aficionados of traditional flavors, we take pride in presenting an all-you-can-eat buffet that promises an exceptional array of dishes, from succulent sesame prawn toast and creamy curry samosas to an assortment of fresh sushi and teppanyaki grilled to perfection.

chinese buffet in london

Our airy and welcoming space sets the stage for an immersive dining experience where every palate is catered to, whether you're indulging in a zesty lemon chicken or savoring our aromatic crispy duck. We invite you to join us at Aroma Buffet, where every visit is an opportunity to create memories around a table of endless possibilities.

Live Teppanyaki Station: Watch as Chefs Create Culinary Magic

At the heart of Aroma Buffet, our Live Teppanyaki Station provides a theatrical display of culinary expertise. Here, we observe skilled chefs demonstrating the art of Japanese cooking, each swift movement purposeful, transforming the freshest ingredients into a dining spectacle. This interactive experience invites guests not just to feast with their eyes, but to engage with the creators of their meal, adding a personalized touch to their buffet experience.

Our commitment to excellence shines through in this lively station, as we ensure every dish reflects the traditional techniques and flavors of Teppanyaki. Join us and be part of the magic that unfolds at Aroma Buffet, where we celebrate both the creation and consumption of exquisite food.

Carbo Comforts: The Rich Selection of Rice and Noodles 

Unearthing the soul of any Chinese Buffet in London, our Carbo Comforts section at Aroma Buffet is where tradition meets diversity. We understand the staple significance of rice and noodles in Chinese cuisine, which is why our buffet boasts a rich selection that caters to every preference.

chinese buffet in london

From the perfectly steamed jasmine rice that serves as an ideal companion to our rich entrees to an array of noodle dishes like chow mein and Singapore noodles — each offers a unique taste of the Far East. At Aroma Buffet, we ensure these essential elements of Chinese dining are always freshly prepared, upholding the authentic flavors our guests expect and deserve. When you dine with us, you're not just choosing a meal but embracing a heritage that centers around these culinary cornerstones.

Sushi Selections at Our Chinese Buffet in London: Freshness and Flavour in Every Bite

In our quest to offer a comprehensive Chinese buffet experience, we at Aroma Buffet have curated a Sushi Selection that epitomizes the fusion of freshness and flavor. Our sushi chefs are committed to presenting you with an assortment of sushi that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also embodies the essence of this traditional Japanese delicacy.

We take pride in our meticulous selection process, sourcing only the finest ingredients to ensure every piece of sushi we serve is of the highest quality. Our array of sushi is constantly refreshed, promising a dining experience that excites and satisfies with each visit. Trust in us to bring the best of sushi to your plate, as part of our dedication to exceptional culinary experiences in the heart of London.

Chinese Buffet in London: Wine and Dine at Aroma Buffet's Beverage Selection

In addition to our captivating buffet offerings, at Aroma Buffet we also take immense pleasure in presenting our comprehensive beverage selection. We've carefully crafted an array of drinks to complement the intricate flavors of our authentic Chinese cuisine. Our Wine and Dine section proffers a diverse variety of beverages, including drafts and bottles that range from crisp beers, perfect for refreshing the palate, to refined ciders that offer a subtly sweet counterpart to our savory dishes.

We pride ourselves on providing options that cater to your dining preference, ensuring that each meal is not only a feast for the senses but also a perfectly balanced gastronomic experience. Join us, and allow us to enhance your dining journey with a drink pairing worthy of the rich and varied tastes our buffet is renowned for.

Unlimited Refreshments and Finishing Cuppas at Our Chinese Buffet in London

At Aroma Buffet, we take pride in our extensive selection of unlimited refreshments and aromatic tea and coffee, ensuring that every guest finds the perfect drink to complement their meal. Our soft drinks collection is ever-present to cleanse your palate and provide a refreshing respite between indulgent bites.

chinese buffet in london

To conclude your dining experience on a note of tranquility, we invite you to savor our curated tea and coffee selections. We have meticulously chosen these hot beverages to satisfy your desire for a warm and comforting finish. Allow us to elevate your experience with beverages that enhance your buffet journey through their simplicity and quality.

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