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Family-Friendly Pan Asian Dining At Aroma Buffet Restaurant in Shepherds Bush

Variety is the spice of life, so they say. At Aroma Buffet, a Pan-Asian restaurant in Shepherd's Bush, you can sample a sumptuous variety of mouth-watering dishes for a fixed price. Our buffet features food cherry-picked from all corners of South East Asia. Enjoy exotic, delicious, and spicy curries from Thailand and Malaysia, freshly rolled sushi and sashimi from Japan, and old favourites from Hong Kong.

pan asian restaurant in shepherds bush

We also offer a Teppanyaki Grill with prawns, lamb chops, sirloin steak, and squid at your disposal. If you still have room, try our selection of fresh fruit, cakes, chocolate fountain, and soft-serve ice cream. We are a family-owned business serving delicious oriental cuisine in West London for over 10 years. Our goal is to provide a welcoming atmosphere where guests can enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet of authentic dishes made with fresh ingredients. We are passionate about sharing the food we love from home with our community. Visit us and experience the variety.

An Overview of the All-You-Can-Eat Concept

The all-you-can-eat concept at Aroma Buffet allows diners to explore a wide variety of dishes for a single fixed price. This ensures that guests can savour diverse culinary delights without worrying about individual costs. Customers can continually sample different items from the buffet, providing endless choices.

This approach encourages dietary exploration and satisfies varied taste preferences in one sitting. Fresh ingredients and authentic flavours are central to our offerings. Our family-friendly setting ensures a comfortable dining experience for all ages. Visit Aroma Buffet to enjoy an extensive and satisfying meal that caters to every palate.

Exploring the Selections: Curries from Thailand and Malaysia

Our selection of curries from Thailand and Malaysia is a highlight at Aroma Buffet. We offer Mixed Vegetable Curry, a versatile dish featuring fresh vegetables and aromatic spices. Our Chicken Curry is a crowd favourite, combining tender chicken with rich, flavourful gravy. The Thai Green Curry with Chicken stands out with its creamy texture and vibrant green hue, thanks to the blend of green chilies and coconut milk.

pan asian restaurant in shepherds bush

These dishes are crafted to deliver authentic tastes that reflect their origins. Each curry provides a unique dining experience, inviting you to explore the diverse culinary landscapes of South East Asia. We prepare all our curries with fresh ingredients, ensuring high-quality and delicious meals every time. Visit us to indulge in these carefully curated choices.

Fresh Sushi and Sashimi from Japan

Our fresh sushi and sashimi offerings bring the essence of Japanese cuisine to Aroma Buffet. Our selection includes rolls such as the Cucumber and Pickle Roll, Salmon Roll, Ebi Panko Roll, Cucumber Roll, Omelette Roll, and California Roll. For sashimi, we offer Salmon Sashimi, Sweet Prawn Sashimi, and Prawn Sashimi.

We also serve chilled prawns and mussels. These dishes use the freshest ingredients to ensure the highest quality. We carefully prepare each item to maintain authenticity and flavour. Our selection allows you to enjoy the simple, clean tastes that are central to Japanese dining. Visit us to experience these exquisite offerings firsthand.

Commitment to Fresh Ingredients and Authentic Flavours (Pan-Asian Restaurant in Shepherd's Bush)

Aroma Buffet's commitment to fresh ingredients ensures each dish retains its authentic flavour. We source the highest quality produce to prepare our meals. This means every curry, sushi roll, and sashimi is made with fresh, wholesome ingredients. Our chefs take great care to maintain the traditional cooking techniques of their native cuisines.

This dedication results in rich, genuine tastes that showcase the best of South East Asian food. Our authentic approach extends to the careful selection of spices, herbs, and marinades. Visit Aroma Buffet in Shepherd's Bush to experience true Pan-Asian dining with an emphasis on freshness and authenticity.

Welcoming the Community: Sharing Our Love for Pan-Asian Cuisine

Aroma Buffet is committed to sharing our passion for Pan-Asian cuisine with the community. Our menu features carefully selected dishes from South East Asia. We use only fresh ingredients to ensure the best taste and quality. Families can enjoy a variety of meals in a welcoming environment.

pan asian restaurant in shepherds bush

Our buffet offers something for everyone, from spicy curries to fresh sushi. The all-you-can-eat concept allows you to try different dishes without worrying about cost. The recent revamp enhances your dining experience, making it more enjoyable for all ages. Visit Aroma Buffet and discover the vibrant flavours of Pan-Asian cuisine.

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